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Searches summary in April 2013

Crosstips helped to find the following words this month:


  • macaroni
    a British dandy in the 18th century who affected Continental mannerisms
  • carnage
    slaughter: the savage and excessive killing of many people
  • abnormally
    in an abnormal manner
  • accordingly
    in accordance with
  • scarier
    Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger. Some psychologists such as John B. ...;
    Comparative form of scary: more scary
  • scapegoat
    someone who is punished for the errors of others
  • ocarina
    egg-shaped terra cotta wind instrument with a mouthpiece and finger holes
  • echo
    the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves
  • zenith
    the point above the observer that is directly opposite the nadir on the imaginary sphere against which celestial bodies appear to be projected
  • tenement
    a run-down apartment house barely meeting minimal standards
  • penis
    the male organ of copulation (`member' is a euphemism)
  • testier
    Comparative form of testy: more testy;
    testiness - feeling easily irritated;
    testiness - The state or quality of being testy
  • renege
    fail to fulfill a promise or obligation
  • aggressive
    having or showing determination and energetic pursuit of your ends; positive in his convictions"
  • age
    how long something has existed
  • pilaf
    rice cooked in well-seasoned broth with onions or celery and usually poultry or game or shellfish and sometimes tomatoes
  • limpid
    (of language) transparently clear; easily understandable
  • rifle
    a shoulder firearm with a long barrel and a rifled bore
  • slang
    informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions; often vituperative or vulgar
  • emmanuel
    Immanuel or Emmanuel or Imanu'el (Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל "God [is] with us" consists of two Hebrew words: אֵל (’El, meaning 'God') and עִמָּנוּ (ʻImmānū, meaning 'with us'); Standard Hebrew ʻImmanuʼel, Tiberian Hebrew ʻImmānûʼēl). It is a theophoric
  • impersonal
    not relating to or responsive to individual persons
  • emanate
    proceed or issue forth, as from a source
  • ensconced
    A settler is a person who has migrated to an area and established permanent residence there, often to colonize the area. Settlers are generally people who take up residence on land and cultivate it, as opposed to nomads. ...
  • entail
    land received by fee tail
  • unedited
    not changed by editing
  • zodiac
    a belt-shaped region in the heavens on either side to the ecliptic; divided into 12 constellations or signs for astrological purposes
  • hohhot
    a northern industrial city of China to the northwest of Beijing
  • cochlea
    the snail-shaped tube (in the inner ear coiled around the modiolus) where sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses by the organ of Corti
  • potential
    the inherent capacity for coming into being
  • epilog
    epilogue: a short speech (often in verse) addressed directly to the audience by an actor at the end of a play;
    epilogue: a short passage added at the end of a literary work; "the epilogue told what eventually happened to the main characters"
  • squab
    flesh of a pigeon suitable for roasting or braising; flesh of a dove (young squab) may be broiled
  • archetype
    original: something that serves as a model or a basis for making copies; "this painting is a copy of the original"
  • crevasse
    a deep fissure
  • ethereal
    of or containing or dissolved in ether
  • automaton
    someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way
  • quake
    quiver: shake with fast, tremulous movements; "His nostrils palpitated";
    tremor: shake with seismic vibrations; "The earth was quaking"
  • avocado
    a pear-shaped tropical fruit with green or blackish skin and rich yellowish pulp enclosing a single large seed
  • overdo
    do something to an excessive degree

These are words that are found when someone searches with exactly so many clues that only one single alternative is found.

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