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Searches summary in November 2013

Crosstips helped to find the following words this month:


  • napster
    Napster was an online music file sharing service created by Shawn Fanning while he was attending Northeastern University in Boston. The service operated between June 1999 and July 2001 . ...
  • canadians
    The people of Canada, or simply Canadians, are citizens of Canada. Canada is a multi-ethnic nation, home to people of many different ethnic and national backgrounds. ...
  • career
    the particular occupation for which you are trained
  • abridge
    reduce in scope while retaining essential elements
  • perniciously
    insidiously: in a harmfully insidious manner; "these drugs act insidiously";
    banefully: in a noxiously baneful way; "this banefully poisoned climate"
  • peter
    disciple of Jesus and leader of the Apostles; regarded by Catholics as the vicar of Christ on earth and first Pope;
    cock: obscene terms for penis
  • peripatetic
    a person who walks from place to place
  • highway
    a major road for any form of motor transport
  • eight
    the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one
  • tiled
    covered or furnished with tiles
  • skullduggery
    trickery: verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way;
    Skullduggery is a 1970 science fiction film starring Burt Reynolds, Susan Clark and Edward Fox.
  • unsophisticated
    not wise in the ways of the world
  • eon
    the longest division of geological time
  • kochab
    Beta Ursae Minoris (β UMi / β Ursae Minoris) is the second brightest star in the bowl of the "Little Dipper," the constellation Ursa Minor. It has the traditional name Kochab. Kochab's magnitude is 2.07. It is 16 degrees from Polaris. ...
  • prurient
    lubricious: characterized by lust; "eluding the lubricious embraces of her employer"; "her sensuous grace roused his lustful nature"; "prurient literature"; "prurient thoughts"; "a salacious rooster of a little man"
  • dreary
    drab: lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise; "her drab personality"; "life was drab compared with the more exciting life style overseas"; "a series of dreary dinner parties"
  • stashing
    stash - hoard: save up as for future use;
    stash - hoard: a secret store of valuables or money;
    Stash is the debut album by sludge/stoner metal band Bongzilla. It was released in April 1999 through Relapse Records. ...
  • excerpt
    a passage selected from a larger work
  • hygiene
    a condition promoting sanitary practices

These are words that are found when someone searches with exactly so many clues that only one single alternative is found.

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