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Searches summary in October 2013

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  • haiku
    an epigrammatic Japanese verse form of three short lines
  • largesse
    largess: a gift or money given (as for service or out of benevolence); usually given ostentatiously;
    munificence: liberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit;
    Alternative spelling of largess
  • galaxy
    a splendid assemblage (especially of famous people)
  • handcuffed
    handcuff - manacle: confine or restrain with or as if with manacles or handcuffs; "The police handcuffed the suspect at the scene of the crime"
  • fairly
    without favoring one party, in a fair evenhanded manner
  • obdurate
    cussed: stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing;
    flinty: showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings; "his flinty gaze"; "the child's misery would move even the most obdurate heart"
  • acacia
    any of various spiny trees or shrubs of the genus Acacia
  • ode
    a lyric poem with complex stanza forms
  • adele
    Adele was a steel screw steamer that was built in 1906 as a yacht. She was twice commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), firstly as ...
  • adipose
    composed of animal fat
  • genteel
    civilized: marked by refinement in taste and manners; "cultivated speech"; "cultured Bostonians"; "cultured tastes"; "a genteel old lady"; "polite society";
    Polite, well-mannered; Not vulgar or rude; Stylish or elegant; aristocratic
  • hera
    queen of the Olympian gods in ancient Greek mythology; sister and wife of Zeus remembered for her jealously of the many mortal women Zeus fell in love with; identified with Roman Juno
  • peter
    disciple of Jesus and leader of the Apostles; regarded by Catholics as the vicar of Christ on earth and first Pope;
    cock: obscene terms for penis
  • egret
    any of various usually white herons having long plumes during breeding season
  • chihuahuas
    The '''''' (Chihuahueño) is the smallest breed of dog and is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.;
    chihuahua - a city in northern Mexico in the state of Chihuahua; commercial center of northern Mexico
  • eight
    the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one
  • silverware
    tableware made of silver or silver plate or pewter or stainless steel
  • nihilists
    Nihilism (from the Latin nihil, nothing) is the philosophical doctrine suggesting the negation of one or more meaningful aspects of life. Most commonly, nihilism is presented in the form of existential nihilism which argues that life is without
  • wildlife
    all living things (except people) that are undomesticated
  • dilemmas
    A dilemma (Greek δί-λημμα "double proposition") is a problem offering at least two solutions or possibilities, of which none are practically acceptable. ...
  • fisticuffs
    fistfight: a fight with bare fists
  • piccolo
    a small flute; pitched an octave above the standard flute
  • litigant
    (law) a party to a lawsuit; someone involved in litigation
  • alien
    transfer property or ownership
  • allergy
    hypersensitivity reaction to a particular allergen; symptoms can vary greatly in intensity
  • embalmer
    a mortician who treats corpses with preservatives
  • inure
    cause to accept or become hardened to; habituate
  • annoyed
    aroused to impatience or anger
  • unlace
    untie: undo the ties of; "They untied the prisoner";
    To remove the knot from laces; to undo laces;
    unlaced - with laces not tied; "teenagers slopping around in unlaced sneakers"
  • entrapped
    entrap - ensnare: take or catch as if in a snare or trap; "I was set up!"; "The innocent man was framed by the police";
    entrap - trap: catch in or as if in a trap; "The men trap foxes"
  • internal
    happening or arising or located within some limits or especially surface
  • underwrite
    guarantee financial support of
  • colloquial
    characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation
  • cordial
    politely warm and friendly
  • tonsorial
    of or relating to barbers and barbering
  • commerce
    transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)
  • hobo
    tramp: a disreputable vagrant; "a homeless tramp"; "he tried to help the really down-and-out bums"
  • hopi
    a member of the Shoshonean people of northeastern Arizona;
    the Shoshonean language spoken by the Hopi
  • spearmint
    common garden herb having clusters of small purplish flowers and yielding an oil used as a flavoring
  • brutal
  • brainchild
    inspiration: a product of your creative thinking and work; "he had little respect for the inspirations of other artists"; "after years of work his brainchild was a tangible reality";
    Brainchild is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.
  • usurp
    take the place of
  • standstill
    deadlock: a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible; "reached an impasse on the negotiations";
    stand: an interruption of normal activity;
    complete immobility; halt
  • students
    The word student is etymologically derived through Middle English from the Latin second-type conjugation verb "studēre", meaning "to direct one's ...;
    student - a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution
  • suffuse
    cause to spread or flush or flood through, over, or across
  • awhile
    for a short time
  • pyotr
    Peter is a common masculine given name. It is derived, via Latin "petra", from the Greek word πετρος (petros) meaning "stone" or "rock".

These are words that are found when someone searches with exactly so many clues that only one single alternative is found.

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